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"bringing certainty to availability of essential goods and services"

Artificial Intelligence lab with focus on energy sector: Our single click, easy to use state of the art decision support system is helping utilities bring efficiency across the value chain.

“Not yet another complex big data analytics technology that requires specialized data science skills to use and realize value. Our quest is to create self-sufficient platform that can be easily used by variety of user communities, institutions or individuals, resulting in quick adoption and smarter decisions.”

EnergyWatch is one such offering for energy utilities. State of the art yet easy to use.


Know your power requirement across customer groups round the clock.


Optimize across energy mix to ensure that the end consumers demands are met at least possible cost. “Increase available power at reduced cost


Match the demand and availability schedule with confidence leveraging our state of the art schedule manager. “Real time schedule manager with inbuilt intelligence to ensure that there are no imbalances

  • Increase available Power at reduced cost
  • Enhance grid security
  • Improve reliability
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Satellite Data
Weather Data
Market Data
Agri Field Data

Quenext EMS

Network Data

As a responsible DISCOM, one of our key objectives is to minimize the cost of meeting the end customer's load". EnergyWatch product has helped us improve efficiency in our day to day energy management . It has helped us improve our load and renewable energy forecasting, the latter has always been the pain point for us given the volatile nature . EnergyWatch product has been an enabler in a true sense. It has helped us optimize our schedule, our position imbalances are at its minimum which has resulted into significant savings for our DISCOMs

Managing Director: One of the large distribution utility in Norther region.

Distributed Asset Management:

Register and monitor your assets as per GIS location. Allows you to register your assets and monitor the performance of such assets spread across wider area. The state of the art asset management system provides you with map view of the asset health and performance. Learn More..

Data Integration:

Integrates wide variety of data seamlessly with ability to integrate variety of data sources both structured and unstructured. Some of the data sources which are already integrated with the platform includes, energy meter and Scada, remote sensing data and satellite imagery.Learn More..


Easy to use state of the art forecasting engine with pre configured self learning models which combines state of the art network based models and other standard machine learning techniques to ensure that you get the best in class forecast for variety of time series across horizon.Learn More..

Trade Optimizer:

Optimize your trade book across horizon. State of the art TRADE OPTIMIZER takes into account both Price and volumetric risk to ensure that per unit energy cost is minimised without compromising on reliability of supply”. This is helping utilities increase available power at a reduced cost. Learn More..

Schedule Optimizer

State of the art schedule optimizer with inbuilt two stage optimization where in stage one the schedule is optimized at pool level which is further optimized within pool by optimally selecting individual sources within pool. Learn More..

Bid Optimizer:

Bid Optimizer with user defined appetite for price and volumetric risk. Optimized ladder bid to ensure optimum Volume and Price realization for closed envelop bids in day ahead market. The bid optimizer leverages day ahead, term ahead and contingency market while optimizing for day ahead bids.Learn More..

Wide Area Monitoring:

Same effect can have different impact depending on the location of the event. Monitor cause and effects across your network and visualize the same leveraging our state of the art data visualizer with ability to drill down and drill up as per defined hierarchies to identify the problems real time. Learn More..

Hazard Monitor:

Monitor assets distributed across wide areas for potential weather hazard and imbalances in the network. Know the location under risk with our map view. Visualize network hazard risk leveraging our state of the art data Visualizer. Learn More..

Load Aggregation Platform:

Dynamic Load Aggregation and Demand Management System. Flatten your load shape leveraging our state of the art load aggregation and demand management system for variable loads. Learn More..

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